ever get that itch to go somewhere but can't afford to leave the country?
yeah, us too.

so last year for memorial day weekend 
we pitched in with some friends and road tripped to mt. rushmore.
we only spent around $8 to see a national monument!

we just packed a backpack and some camping gear, hopped in the volvo, 
and ate muddy buddies from idaho to wyoming, from wyoming to nebraska 
and finally south dakota. it was a long but beautiful drive 
with plenty of animals to see and nature to gawk at.
 this road trip wasn't all about seeing mt. rushmore. 
we were able to explore tiny towns and visit antique thrift stores.
eat crappy chinese and camp in the windy wyoming desert.
visit museums and sunbathe at local's favorite swim spots.
camp again on a hill hidden among trees of south dakota and atop a cool mountain of a small ski resort.
see? you can still scratch that itch to travel and not spend a dime on lodging.
save your money for doing the "tourist" things and travel the traveling triplets way.
hope you all had a wonderful memorial day weekend and were able to relax and remember those we have lost and love. we would also like to personally thank our veterans
and those serving our country. we are a blessed nation, that's for sure.
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  1. oh me and sean get that itch EVERY day... great photos girl!


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