megan (triplet #3) and kylie (triplet #1) have been spending a LOT of time together.
we both recently moved from oahu back to the mainland.
everything is fine and dandy and we have a lot of fun.
during our time together we are beginning to do some freaky stuff. 
i think it is a true fact that triplets can read each other's minds.

example 1:

blimpies. my favorite food. 
we are ordering a sandwich, footlong.
which means we build it together.
everything that comes out of our mouth is the same.
we jinx each other like 12 times.
in unison, we demand:

"lots of vinegar."
"an extra shot on the lid."
"more banana peppers."

and every time we seem surprised, and look at each other laughing.
we can't stop saying the same things at the same time!

example 2:

we are on a road trip. 
to the oregon coast.
i am reading my book in the car, and megs is hovering.
we start to read the book together, and after 6 hours of driving
we have nearly finished it.
the whole time, as we read, we gasp and laugh at the same parts.

"hahaha! i can't believe she did that!"
"oh my gosh... this is so not going to work."
"i don't think they're going to end up together."

it just doesn't stop.
our minds REALLY DO think alike.
i'm quite sure of it.

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4 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. i love twin moments like this. so funny.
    dying at the part of you both reading the book Together. hahaha

  2. hahaha beyond true i love this! what book? i want in! jealous im missing these moments..

  3. Kylie! You came to Oregon and you didn't even look us up?? Haha...joking. That is cool that you can do that!


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