23 years ago, three identical triplets were born.
to a beautiful mama with hope for the future, despite frequent reminders of the risk for unhealthy babies.
somehow, we all entered this world healthy and alive at 4 pounds each.
in the same order as the alphabet; kylie, lisa and megan.
since the day of our premature birth, we have been the best of friends.
finishing each other's sentences and constantly boosting each other up with a flood of daily compliments. 
lisa, we missed you as we celebrated our birthday! we love you and are glad hawaii was good to you.
thank you mama for birthing us, poppio for raking in the bills times three, and everyone else who has been a special part of our lives. 
being a triplet is the best thing in the world!
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2 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. sisters are God's most wonderful gift :)

  2. yay for us! i love you meg and ky. wish i were with you, i was in heart :) msis you love you hotties xoxoxoxoox


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