to a beloved reader, kim, we are here to answer a few questions about living in hawaii.

YES - food is expensive
YES - housing is expensive
YES - everything is more expensive

but, on the brighter side,

YES - it is absolutely possible! 

if you are planning on living on or moving to the north shore of hawaii, it would be wise to save as many pennies as you can beforehand. however, it is not necessary to have a huge savings account to get here. spencer and i moved to hawaii with next to nothing - we struggled for months, and it was really hard. we lived in a tiny studio paying $800 a month + utilities, and there were times where we really didn't know how things would work out. going to school was a blessing, because i was able to receive scholarships and grants to help pay our expenses. spencer worked hard to find a job - which in hawaii, means commuting to town (1 1/2 drive with traffic) to make decent money. 

kim, you mentioned your husband attending BYUH. there is this wonderful housing complex called TVA, go here to read about it. apply for housing NOW. the sooner, the better. your chances at getting in increase if you are starting school in the summer time. otherwise, off campus opportunities can be found here.

traveling triplets + their significant others each have a monthly budget. we have this handy dandy spreadsheet that we use that calculates all our expenses. you can expect to fork out A LOT in the beginning. moving to an island is hard because you have to start over. and starting over means every.little.thing from soap to dishes to cooking supplies and bedding. the first 6 months are always the hardest - with a deposit and rent and those first few grocery shopping trips you are looking at spending well into the $1,000 range. once you've initiated that settlement, things get better. the great thing about BYUH is people are always coming and going and giving things away - you will be taken care of more than anywhere else. people are very loving and generous on north shore. 

living in hawaii, things are different. they are simple. yes, you spend far more on rent and food and gas than many other places but yes, you live in paradise. entertainment is free - grab a surfboard and hit the beach every day. it's only 3 minutes away. it is a BEAUTIFUL place to live. lisa, triplet #2, is still living in hawaii and loving it. kylie, triplet #1, lived there for 2 years and megan, triplet #3 lived there for 4 months. anything is possible. live simply - spend less on frivolous things you don't really need - and budget what you have for things you do need. it's funny how things always work out. you will absolutely love it kim!
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  1. i wanna go back! living in hawaii is the besssssst!

  2. i was overwhelmed how expensive things were, especially when we moved into our apartment. but like you said, the beach is RIGHT there and you can think up so many free things to do. it's been great!

  3. I love your blog and all your traveling photos! I would love to live in hawaii someday :) We are visiting Kauai in September, I cant wait!


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