here's a fun little triplet fact for ya.
we are a product of the 80s and we have the hair to show for it. 
we have been so "blessed" to have naturally curly, wavy, frizzy hair.
all our lives our brothers have told us, "don't fight the curl!"
we just can't help it. boys don't like fluff balls, right?
whether we were braiding it in pig tails for far too long, throwing it in ridiculous
sloppy buns with corn rows, or slicking our frizzies back so tight our eyes were squinty;
we perfected hiding our untamed hair. and let me tell you, the day we found out a
straightener existed was the beginning to a heaven sent relationship that never ends.
now we are in our twenties with damaged hair.
hmmm, shoulda listened to our brothers...
so guess what? we're slowly reverting to our natural state.
can't hide it forever, might as well learn to like it.
oh hair, we're just never satisfied are we?!
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4 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. i too have been cursed with a course, thick, fuzz ball!! i remember sticking my hair on an ironing board and ironing it myself because my mother wouldn't do it for me. i too sang praises when i found out about the portable straightener!! (yet...i've maybe used it 3 times since being in hawaii)

  2. hahahah this is so funny and so true. hilarious. we are special indeed.

  3. haha i just re read this and cant stop laughing

  4. ...."not even half-black".........."slicking our frizzies back so tight our eyes looked Asian"....?

    Might want to rope in the racism a little if you want to get followers of your blog who aren't Mormon.

    Just sayin'.


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