being a triplet is like a phantom limb.
a phantom limb is the sensation that a missing limb is still attached 
and functioning with other body parts.
phantom pain can also occur even when the limb is gone.
no matter where we are in the world, together or apart, we are like a phantom limb.
always feeling each others most profound emotions in times of heartache or happiness.
when we are apart it feels like something is missing.
yet, like a phantom limb we are still deeply connected both psychologically and physically.
there is nothing else like the special bond we share.

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4 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. Great song! Gotta love the shins:) You guys seem like so much fun! Happy Friday!

  2. oh my gosh i adore this, megs. beatuifully written and SO SO TRUE. i love you so much.

  3. so so so so true! ahhh :) i miss my phantom limbs haha. love you ky and megs!!! cant wait till our next reunion!! xoxox

  4. oh my gosh so so so true! i love this :) i miss my phantom limbs., cant wait till we are reunited sisters! miss you! love you!! xoxoxoxox


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