as identical triplets, we have always grown and matured at a similar pace. 
when one sis starts losing teeth, the others start losing teeth.
when one sis hit the awkward stage of puberty, the other two soon followed.
however the one thing that didn't quite mature at the same rate was our thumb sucking.

poor ol me, kylie, sucked my thumb until 2nd grade when i was given a retainer with metal fangs. yes, metal fangs. they looked exactly like a cobra snake. when i was tempted to suck my thumb, i'd wake up with a bloody thumb. literally torn up from the metal prongs, it hurt real bad. bad enough to help me quit. 

so these pearly whites that you see today were achieved at a great cost.
my parents spent a hunk of their retirement fund on all three of our braces.

6 years of metal mouth.

whether it was retainers, spacers, rubber bands, 
expanders, or braces on top AND bottom, 
we were lisping, spitting, 
and slurping until high school. 
thank goodness that's over.
otherwise we may have been 
a bit more freaky looking than expected.
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1 comments on FREAKY FRIDAY

  1. haha so true and funny! i had the fangs too! it was awful but it got us to stop :) thank goodness!


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