the last four months have been a dream come true.
triplets reunited in hawaii.
but that time has come to an end.
it is time for a new chapter to start in the triplets lives.
kylie will be volunteering in peru and ecuador.
megan will be working back on the mainland.
and lisa will be going to school and living it up for all of us in hawaii.
aloha oe until we meet again.
preferably in the isles that stole our hearts [wink]!
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2 comments on ALOHA OE

  1. meg - this post is super cute. i love it. and your feather earrings are epic - living in hawaii for 2 years was a dream. i'm glad you and lisa came to experience it as well. best days of our lives.


  2. I have a question for you three. My husband and I are thinking about going to BYUH next year. By then I will have finished school and he will have 2 years left. I hear it's ridiculously expensive and from what I have seen online with housing and such, it is true. Do you guys have any suggestions on where we can look to find cheaper housing that is BYUH approved and do you have an estimate on a monthly budget? Thanks! p.s. i agree, the earrings rock.


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