amazing beaches, laid back surf culture, open land and less people. that is what you get on the north shore. you see, the locals are trying to keep the north end of oahu country. you won't be finding any resorts over here. turtle bay is probably the best you're gonna get if that's what you're looking for. fortunately, we have been able to find work on the north shore and live the dream.
we slept under these stars for two nights.
in a grass hut.
on the beach.
with the clapping waves to keep us company.
and maybe some mysterious bugs. itchhhhhhhhhhhhhy!
there's this nice little reef break called castles near laie. it is great for beginner surfers and the waves don't usually get bigger than three feet, so don't bring your shortboard. here we discovered a dainty little campsite right on the beach with yurts, cabins, grass huts and campsites available to rent. a weekend surfing and living the slow life was the perfect outing before kylie, aka triplet #1, went on her trip to tuvalu to help the people there. i am sure you will be hearing more details on that when she gets back.
dreamy right? definitely one of our favorite things to do in hawaii. how much you need to make this happen: $30 a night to rent grass hut, $6 a night per camper, tax and $15 key deposit (that you get back). what you need: a happy camper attitude and some obvious preparation. this is a cheap alternative to a hotel or resort. it's a completely different experience and you get your own private area, camp fire, chairs, table, sink and nearby bathroom and shower facility. awesome idea for family reunions or a romantic evening. just don't forget your bug spray!
looks like the perfect ending to the perfect day right? well, it was. i can't think of anything yummier than a foil dinner and s'mores. and there's nothing better than snuggling with your sissies in a grass hut on the beach, drifting off to dream land spooning like babies. who knew this was even possible? not us. but somehow we made our dream come true. thank you, hawaii. we love you.
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4 comments on I HAD A DREAM...

  1. That looks like a blast! You girls are so cute.

  2. BEAUTIFUL POST! this is amazing - SUCH a good weekend! i will cherish these memories forever.

  3. spooning like babies! Heheee. you three are darling!! the photos are great.

  4. I love these photos...this is what life is about!


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