We are finally getting around to answering a couple reader's questions. Thank you for your patience! This post will be answering the Thomas's questions concerning Costa Rica.

Where did you guys fly into? 
Both Kylie and I (Megan) have been to Costa Rica and we both flew into San Jose airport. When Kylie went they took a 9 hr bus ride to Nosara on the Nicoya Peninsula. After some time in Nosara, they rented a cheap car for less than $200 for an entire week to drive around the entire peninsula. Last year, I (Megan) caught a taxi to the bus station from San Jose [side note: taxis from airport are more expensive just so you know, ours was $20] and from there took buses that eventually landed us in Samara. Samara is also on Nicoya Peninsula and is close to Nosara if you wanted to hop on a bus and check out that town too.

Was it a long drive to where you were staying?
You can either take a bus directly somewhere or break it up if you don't like sitting for very long. If you don't rent a car I would travel by bus because they are cheaper than taxis. Samara and Nosara are both small adorable surf towns that we loved. The bus ride from San Jose to Samara is pretty long, about five hours. It's about $7 each and you can just sleep. From San Jose to Nicoya it's only about half an hour longer. Once we got to the town we were staying, we walked around until we found a cute place we liked. Several hostel/hotel owners will likely approach you and help you too; many of them speak English and aren't even from Costa Rica. Refer back to our "where to stay" post here for places to stay on the beach. If you're the type that likes to plan ahead that shouldn't be difficult either.

Would you recommend just staying in a place near the beach?
Yes, yes, yes! Of course we would say yes we love the beach! If you want to enjoy land, nature and culture you need to stay by the beach. Costa Rica is the place you want to go to relax, pick up surfing, try new things and do fun water adventures. The city is more expensive, dirty and busy. Don't get me wrong, the city can be fun too. But we would definitely recommend staying near the beach. The beach is where it's at and where you will have the most fun anyway! As for how much we spent in Costa Rica, I recommend keeping a log of how much you spend and where your money goes. I have a budget book for my travels and that is why I can give you exact prices of buses and meals and hotels because I tracked it all. I wouldn't be surprised if prices change, but it helps. We felt Costa Rica was more expensive than other countries in Central America. When Kylie went they just got some food at the store and ate rice and beans! That's a great way to save money. For two people we spent an average of about $60 a day including food, traveling, hotels, the occasional internet, and fun!

Taylor and Logan, hopefully we were able to help answer your questions so you can enjoy your trip to Costa in August! We are confident you will love it. Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help. Thanks for following the Traveling Triplets!
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  1. Megan! Thank you so much that was super helpful. We just booked our trip and we are so excited to go and explore. Love your blog and all the helpful tips it is giving us for out trip!


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