As you may have noticed, this trip to China isn't the typical traveling triplet budget style of traveling. If you're wondering how we do it, check out our blog post HERE. I am actually here on a business trip, but wanted to share my traveling stories with you on our blog. We are staying in some of the biggest cities in China full of billions of people, and in the city you don't get that traditional China you might imagine. Many say Shenzhen lacks culture, but Shenzhen is only around 30 years old so it is modern and feels more Americanized. Big city traveling might not always be the cheapest, but we have been able to get some great deals on shopping.

Today we hit up Dong Men shopping center. We found that is has better deals then the 5 decker mall we went to previously. There wasn't as much pressure to buy from the sellers and it was less crowded. I haggled for my first time today. It was scary but I walked away with a great deal on a Patagonia down jacket, yayyyyyyy!

Today I am thankful for one thing that I love very very much, and that is my sister Kylie! Since 2009, China started to block Facebook and Blogger and put certain restrictions on Google. In order to continue blogging about my travels I have been emailing her my entries and pictures, and she has been putting them together and posting them. Thank you so much Ky for helping me when I can't. You help me in so many other ways that are much more important than blogging. You boost me when I need it and are always supporting me in what I do. Your heart is so big, love you sis.
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