Well, it was another rainy and cold day here in China. My friend India and I spent most of our time indoors watching movies and doing laundry. I know, sounds like a totally normal day because it was. Once lunch time rolled around we took a walk down the street to a small restaurant for some delicious beef and rice. What amazes me about traveling in a country you don't know the language is how well you can still communicate without even speaking. Of course, you still have awkward moments and looks of confusion, but body language and simple gestures can be enough to understand. When we reached the counter at the restaurant the cute waitress didn't know what we were saying and we didn't know what she was saying, but she just giggled and with simple pointing we were able to get what we want. We have found this works for a lot of other things too; like for directions, shopping, and getting hotels. So don't worry if you don't always know what you're doing, you can always turn to the locals for guidance.

Millions of beautiful people occupy China. I am thankful for being able to connect with some of them despite the language barrier. It's amazing how different we all are in this world yet so similar.
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1 comments on DAY 8: SHENZHEN

  1. i am loving all of these posts!! riding camels, dressing in their traditional costume, and all the cute asian children! love it! landon says you have to get massages while you're there... if you haven't already! :)
    have fun travelin lucky lady!


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