Happy Valley is just like it sounds. A place that has rides, roller coasters, bumper cars, games, food, 4d movies, live entertainment and prizes. To be honest, it's not the best amusement park I've ever been to. Many of the rides were closed or under construction, but we still had a blast and walked away with prizes.
The roller coaster was my favorite. I think our faces say it all.
We about peed our pants screaming it was so scary.

Today I am thankful for the cute hotel lady giving us a free upgrade for a three bedroom apartment with private patios and views of the city. Seriously, this place is beautiful. China is starting to feel more like home now. Love and miss you all!
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2 comments on DAY 7: SHENZHEN

  1. it doesnt take long for china to rub off on you FOREVERRR! i need to get back


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