Today was the best day of my liiiiiiife!
We went to Windows of the World and it was WOWMAZING!
I don't even know where to begin today was so awesome. WOW is a place full of all the wonders of the world in a miniature form. A bit of Paris, a bit of Thailand, a bit of everything nice. So if you're like me and have a long bucket list, come here! In China anything is possible.

Highlights of the day include:
Riding a freakin' camel! I was stoked out of my mind! Camels are so cute and fuzzy and have big furry feet with curious large humps. It's a whole different story riding one. I could not get over how fascinating it was and wish I could have ridden that little camel all around Egypt. Pretend Egypt that is. Seriously, the whole time I was on the camel I was smiling ear to ear with wide eyes. Mr. Camel made my day.
Wearing a traditional costume and looking hilarious. Sometimes the Chinese people just start doing strange things to you and then you find yourself in a funny hat being charged $3 for a picture. I think it was worth it, don't you?
The little school children who were so happy to see Americans. They all waved at us and said hello while snapping pictures. Then suddenly we were surrounded by the whole class and everyone was giggling. The teacher even ran up to me and hugged me from behind for a picture, her squeeze took me for suprise but I was laughing my head off. It was an awesome moment and I fell in love with these kids.
Rides galore at WOW. Ranging from paddle boats to roller coasters through dinosaur land, the Chinese know how to entertain.
Oh my gosh, the Eiffle Tower! I have been looking forward to this day for so long now! Only this one has Chinese symbols written on it. And it's a fraction the size. But still, for a beautiful view of the city we climbed as high as we could to watch the sun set. Dreamy!
Yep, that's me in a bubble!

I felt like a hamster in that bubble.
Only $3!

. . . . .

Today I am thankful for my bucket list. While I was in college I wrote a list of about 50 things I want to do before I die. Today, I checked off two. One, to ride a camel. Two, to see the Eiffle Tower. Okay, the second one doesn't count. But still, it was a thrilling day. You should write yourself a bucket list, you never know the day you'll be able to check one off! We all have dreams and life should be spent fulfilling them.
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4 comments on DAY 6: SHENZHEN

  1. agreed! i need to make a bucketlist.
    you look so stylin in all these photos.
    way cute, megs.
    by the way that camel is awesome.
    and i'm pretty sure (word for word) you described your camel experience exactly how i described mine haha. awesome. oh and that picture in the costume cracked me up the most. aweeesome. gotta love random china

  2. Great photos, it looks like soo much fun!!

  3. WOW! This looks so fun! Way to embrace the tourist experience. :)


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