today, unexpectedly, the sky turned gray and the air frigid.
to avoid the rain we migrated to dry ground at the 5-decker shopping mall.
after much successful bargaining, we were able to walk away with some great deals.
my favorite purchase was my wood prescription glasses.
since my prescription is mild, i never got around to spending the money on glasses.
but, i got them for only $30 here!
today i am thankful for hot chocolate on a chilly day.
i find myself being a picky eater here in china because a lot of the food is seafood or has eyeballs looking back at me. i just can't get myself to branch out yet.

help me?

but today, i had a warm cup of hot chocolate to wash down my dinner.
what a surprising delight china gave me. i was a happy girl!
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1 comments on DAY 5: SHENZHEN

  1. Oh Megan! haha. In Thailand to fix that problem, every time that we passed a market I made myself look at all of the food and breathe in as deep as I could instead of looking away and plugging my nose. It helped me to get used to it a lot faster, and then I stopped noticing all of the gross stuff (for the most part). I love you! I want to hear lots of stories when you come home!


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