ah shenzhen, yay for open air! the weather is warm and breezy and the city is young. today we explored the famous five decker market full of goods galore!

this will be the most extreme shopping experience of your life, so we recommend coming with a plan. make a wish list before of what you want so you know exactly what you're looking for when you get there. that way you won't feel so overwhelmed by all the items for sale as well as the pushy sellers. if you don't want something, just walk away. they might follow you, but eventually they get the hint. if you do want something, be sure to bargain with them because the first price they give is usually the highest price. they will go down. take a looky at this post for some tips!

hiighlight of the day: manicure! something must have been in the air because we were all laughing and feeling rather happy. the only thing you might want to know is if you go for the cheapest manicure they will start doing more expensive options and start polishing your nails or putting fake ones on, so be sure to stop them if that's not the price you want to pay. they will be persistent so you must too! i ended up walking away with clean pink painted fingernails with a perfect white flower on my thumb!

do i look 15 to you? the funny chinese man who did my nails did not believe i am 22 and it made me sad. but, i still love my new nails he was quite the expert. well worth the experience.

short story: i saw a young boy sleeping between the escalator and window tonight. he was literally wedged in there, on edge, by a loud escalator in the subway. dirty and cold. it broke my heart. i watched him looking out the window and his eyes seemed sad. who knows what he was thinking. i wish people didn't have to live that way. so today i am thankful for a bed to sleep in.

night night!
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