Today we wanted to get out of the busy city so we took several bus rides to Sai Kung.
In Sai Kung we were able to breathe fresh air and walk around aimlessly seeking adventure.
We discovered a hilarious "pet paradise" with dogs of every kind, kites and ice-cream.
The food today has been the best so far. All the seafood you can think of served fresh from the sea, eye balls and all. I enjoyed pastries for breakfast, french bread pizza for lunch with a banana milkshake, and beef and vegetables for dinner. Oh, and chocolate! I can't live without my chocolate.
Today I am thankful for delicious food and amazing chefs who prepare it for me!
PS- You will probably be seeing this outfit a lot. Just sayin'...
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3 comments on DAY 3: HONG KONG

  1. looks awesome megs! what a cool city!

  2. oh my gosh you are so cute! and GREAT SHOTS! i love the boat ones. and that last one is rad. by the way i love your camera bag - you guys are lookin mighty adorable.

  3. i LOVE how nice you guys are to each other!! what a great example and thanks for always sharing your awesome travels. you guys are truly blessed!


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