Sorry I wasn't able to blog yesterday, we didn't have internet. We are now in Hong Kong and it is the busiest and craziest city I have ever been to in my life! Everybody means business.
There is so much to see, it literally makes me dizzy from watching my toes to gazing at sky scrapers. I am normally a slow paced walker, but not here. You can't stop walking or you will get trampled or run over by a bus! Maybe it's because I'm an Idaho girl who is not used to feeling rushed, but I am starting to pick up my pace for mere survival!
I don't think some of the streets here are made for cars, they are just full of people (many with masks) walking every direction like big ants. The people here are much different than in the Philippines. Everybody is really well dressed and there is no real eye contact from strangers. It's probably a big city thing, but I felt like in the Philippines we were much more curious to the locals. Here we seem to blend in with everybody else.
The night lights in Hong Kong are beautiful! The air during the day is so polluted you can barely see the sun, but at night the streets are lit and full of life making it really fun to walk around for some good shopping and authentic food.
By the end of the day, I was exhausted. I know I'm spoiled in Hawaii, but today I am thankful for open air and land!
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2 comments on DAY 2: HONG KONG

  1. wow the lights are rad! i want to see a pic of what it looks like in the air, to see if i can tell how polluted it is. do you think you could capture that in a photo? do people wear face masks a lot there?

  2. wow incredible! this makes me and spence so happy to see! i love your writing and descriptions, you crack me up! hong kong is awesome! keep having fun! oh boy i love it.


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