Today started with a delicious pastry for less than 50 cents and is ending in a bed for $18. In-between we saw an old Hong Kong style boat, visited gardens and temples, saw the tallest Asian ever, and browsed through the night market. Our friends Shane and India flew back home today, so it’s back to just Drew and me finding ways to get by in the city on a backpacker budget. It is possible people! Hostels and street food is your answer. We found a hostel in the middle of the busy city for cheap! It is called Chung King Mansions where over 4,000 people live from all around the world. We are staying in a room called Head Sun Guesthouse. It comes with a phone (who uses those nowadays anyway?), TV and a shower. The bed is very comfy and there is even room under it for our bags. The shower came out of a hose in the bathroom with warm water. Not a bad set up. The Indian people who run this hostel are so so kind. Head Sun Guesthouse is known for being quiet and safe, so we didn't have to worry about a thing in a building full of millions of mysterious people from all over the world, thank goodness for that.
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