For some reason Blogger is working today here in China. So ni hao, it's me Megan actually blogging this post! And let me tell you, it won't be very uplifting. Today was an awful day. You will never guess what happened...

The boys were out at business meetings most of the day and we noticed they were gone longer than usual. When they finally got back they looked somber, and it wasn't because they missed us like we had hoped. It was because they got robbed.

I immediately felt sick to my stomach and panicked, wondering what on earth we got stolen. First thought was our new camera... nope. Second thought, lap top. Yep. While the boys were in fancy pantsy restaurant with fancy pantsy businessmen Drew left our backpack in fancy pantsy Mercedes Benz. You would assume it would be safe in a new car with an alarm system at a restaurant with security guards. Nope. I think something seriously fishy happened. I think this was set up with Mr. Sketchy Security Guard.

The good news is they caught the license plate of the thief on video. The bad news is we haven't heard anything yet and we leave Dongguan tomorrow. The thing that makes me wonder is when Drew noticed his bag was stolen and started looking Mr. Sketchy Security Guard walked up to him with it in his hands. Hmmmmm. Drew immediately noticed it was lighter. They cleaned out my wallet, took a couple pairs of our new sunglasses, and stole our friend's MacBook Pro. Drew thought he grabbed his own lap top, but it was in fact Shanes. It is truly a depressing experience. See what I mean by clean robbery? They took the time to pick through my wallet and backpack as if someone had their back covered. Typically, a theif would just grab the bag and run. I know, this has happened to me before. I don't even remember what else was in my bag that might be missing. Ahhhh I am so angry!

We are trying to be positive about this. These are all materialistic things that don't really matter, right? Maybe they needed the money more than us. As the day went on we tried to be cheerful, but Dongguan let us down again. Almost every taxi driver we have had here has refused to use their meter and tried to rip us off. 80 RMB we had to pay for a 5 minute taxi ride, which is like $13 US. The same thing happened to the boys this morning. Their taxi driver literally pulled over in the middle of the freeway and turned off the meter and demanded 200 RMB (30+ dollars), ugh. They couldn't have got out if they wanted to. What is a tourist supposed to do in these kind of situations? Well... get screwed I guess. I really hate sometimes when you're traveling how locals don't see you, they see dollar signs. I can't say I know what it's like to be in their situation, but I do know that people should not be treated like objects.

I'm sorry this post is so negative, but I honestly have nothing really happy to say today. On the bright side, I am thankful for the nice businessman that helped Drew and Shane at the police station as well as the carton of chocolate ice-cream I downed tonight. I think I deserved it. Can't wait to leave Dongguan tomorrow and renew my faith in humanity. Pray for a miracle please!
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6 comments on DAY 11: DONGGUAN...DANG YOU

  1. Oh NO Meg! I am so so so sorry! We got scammed in Beijing and it totally ruined our day. Just leaves a bad taste in your mouth for the whole city. That's all too bad! Any hope you'll get it recovered? I hope the next city treats you better! We've enjoyed reading your updates and pray for you everyday! We love you!

  2. bummer megan!!! i hope you get the laptop back!!

  3. oh megan! this breaks my heart! that is seriously such awful news! i am so so so sorry to hear that! i absolutely DESPISE thievery! poor shane and his expensive laptop :( will the business be able to replace it? i hope the taxes/sensitive info thing works out. oh my gosh that is tragic, i will say lots of prayers for you all. they cleaned out your wallet? what purse was it? oh megs... i am so sorry. keep smiling. i love your renewed hope in humanity. that is so true. you are positive - and in a situation like this, that is hard.

    when you get home, read three cups of tea. i just read it. it's amazing - about a guy who goes to pakistan - so many things happen to him, awful things and great things, and he always remains positive even when i'd wanna call it quits. you'd rally like it - i just wrote a paper on it. i love you heaps meggies. hang in there. tomorrow is a new day and a new place! always pray for safety and security - and never leave valuables anywhere, ONLY ON YOUR BODY!

  4. oh my goodness i feel so bad for you guys!! it totally does sound like a 'clean' robbery... very fishy stuff.
    i guess that's the only scary thing about traveling with getting taken advantage of and everything.
    i'm so sorry of what has happened, i will pray for you guys and hope everything works out better!
    stay safe!!

  5. oh no! i just read this post today (a year later, ha!) and i'm totally feeling for you! my hubby and i currently live in china and let me tell you, security guards? i don't think so! more like a dude standing in a mini square.

    kinda similar to the person who makes you pay them to park your bike... i'm pretty sure they were in on it when our cute little 3 day old electric scooter was stolen. my heart was hurting so bad that day.

    just last week our good friends heard the kickstand of their scooter go up outside their door. This was the one day they didn't lock the back tire (coincidence? i think not) Rod quickly ran out the door and down the stairs and caught the guy with their scooter in hand at the bottom and may or may not have pinned him up against the wall yelling at him in english. the guy was so scared (i think he pooped in his pants) and ran out of there as quick as he could after Rod let go of him! Rod then realized he should of took him to the 'security guard' and quickly flipped his shoes off to run after the thief! he didn't catch him, but of course, somebody had stolen his shoes during the two minutes it took to walk back to them. OH CHINA! in our city, they say you aren't a real 'beijinger' until you have something stolen from you!

    1. that is insane! bejing, huh? i lived in hunan province in a small town called xiangtan. never had any problems with theft - i absolutely love the place!


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