Ni Hao! We are now in the city of Dongguan. The people in China must really like the game Frogger, because they do it on a daily basis. It is not abnormal to see two cute Chinese girls holding hands in the middle of a busy highway dodging buses and taxis. Or a whole group of people for that matter. That usually gets cars to stop! There are no laws here for pedestrians and people literally dodge cars it is insane.
We haven't discovered much to do here in Dongguan, yet. I thought I loved Chinese food before I came to China. But Chinese food in China is not like Chinese food in America. There are billions of things you have never heard of and many of them smell weird and look just plain disgusting. I know I need to branch out when it comes to trying new food, but sometimes I just can't get past the smell. Food tastes how it smells right?

Does that soup not make you gag? Well, you should have smelled it. Pretty sure it was just bone marrow in broth with some other mysterious ingredients. Food like this sure does make me miss mamas vegetable beef stew. Don't worry, not all the food here makes you wonder. Check this place out...
The Modern Toilet, aka AMAZING food! We only went here because of the name, obviously. Very funny. But wait until you see what is inside...

Nothing beats this picture. Almost as good as taking a nice poo while reading the paper. Did I mention that they sell stuffed poo here as well and serve ice-cream to look like a swirly poo? We were loving this place. Poo is funny.
Food served in toilet bowls, urinals, toilet lids and all. So. Dang. Funny. We were eating on a bath tub for a table. And yes, all the seats were real toilets

I'm beginning to understand Asians humor... maybe. Naturally, I eventually had to use the toilet and guess what? There wasn't one. How ironic. Instead, I squatted. Successfully I might add. You just never know what kind of culinary experience you will get in China and I'm thankful for that.
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5 comments on DAY 10: DONGGUAN

  1. This is so hilarious! I love it! Asian humor is great. My husband and I would love to go to that place!

  2. Oh my, that is awesome! I would never imagine a place like that even existed, but now i really want to go!! That is now on our "to-do" list!!

  3. hey megan- so we decided on the cruise with grand cayman, montego bay jamaica and cozumel mexico. are you guys familiar with any of those places? if so, let me know what you think! thanks so much.

  4. oh, i've never missed our north american food as much as i did when i was in africa! i dreamed of butter, soft bread, and meat that didn't taste like gum...


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