i have made a fantastic discovery.
the world cafe.
ever heard of it?
read more here.

the world cafe is a brilliant way to put conversations to work.
as you know, triplet #1 (me - kylie) of traveling triplets will be moving to cusco, peru
in may to work with an NGO for the remainder of the year.
the world cafe is something i'd love to implement during my time there.

here's why:

the world cafe engages people - it provides a space for people to connect, talk,
collaborate, and share ideas. more specifically, it allows people to talk about issues.

there are various humanitarian organizations in cusco, peru
striving to teach indigenous people
basic skills of sustainable development.
many of these organizations train the local people
how to grow their own gardens,
improve schools and education systems,
start and run a business,
and prevent disease and illness.

the problem occurs when too many NGOs are working in the same area,
and not collaborating towards the same goals. 
this creates gaps and inconsistencies in programs,
which lessens the social impact of the organization.

bridging humanitarian efforts through establishing interdependence,

reconciliation and conducting the world cafe can increase collaboration 
and yield greater positive effect of NGO work.

the world cafe does the following:

- creates a hospitable space for people to interact
- explores questions that matter
- encourages everyone's contribution
- connects diverse perspectives
- listens for insight
- shares discoveries

what better way to improve humanitarian work

than to get people collaborating and talking together?
shared ideas equals shared solutions.

there are a lot of organizations out there doing amazing things.
if we can increase collaboration, then we can increase positive effect.

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3 comments on HOW TO: CREATE PEACE

  1. Kylie!

    If there is one reason I like FB it is because it helps me discover awesome blogs that my friends have.

    I am in awe at your participation in humanitarian projects! Above almost all, this has been one of my aspirations since I was a little girl (helping those in lesser developed areas in foreign lands). Unfortunately, my mission is the closest and only thing that I have done that satisfies my hunger to "help" or contribute in some meaningful way (satisfies for lack of better word).

    I have struggled finding like minded individuals or those who encourage such things.

    How do you find out about these opportunities? How do you afford the cost? Anything you can share, I would absolutely be grateful for!

    You and your sisters are amazing individuals!

    1. hi samantha! we have actually answered your questions here:

      sorry for the late reply :)

  2. P.S. Oops, I forgot my blogger account says "Samantha Falcon." This is Amanda Hawkes!


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