hawaii. an island paradise. a heaven on earth.
the spirit of aloha. flip flops become slippers and trash becomes rubbish.
ocean breeze, swaying palms, tan lines and freckles.
wind blown hair, salty skin, snocones, & blue skies.
calories don't matter. time doesn't matter.
it's da carefree life, brah.

must do:

1) document: underwater disposable camera is a must. and of course bring your other camera gadgets! embrace the tourist persona! we all do it.
2) surf: are you new to this hobby? do you wobble and paddle but seem to get nowhere? are you afraid of sharks? try castles. are you decent but still learning & progressing? try turtle bay. are you confident and experienced and getting barreled in da tube? try sunset or pipeline.

3) hike: there are so many beautiful things to do, places to see, adventures to have. for a classic & easy hike, take on laie falls. for something more grueling that requires illegal activity and lack of sleep, step it up and do stairway to heaven. if you're more of a "blaze your own trail" kinda gal/guy, head west for kaena point.
4) shop: haliewa will get you that north shore look you've been craving. they've got all the surf goodies and all the yummy treats. if you're looking for more high end fashionista money spending type of excursions, take a trip to waikiki or honolulu and endulge yourself in oahu's "uptown" experience.
5) eat: if you are in hawaii you are going to be eating every five seconds. everything tastes oh so good. bring a wad of cash for those down-to-earth style places. try haliewa eats thai food, kahuku grill delicious american style burgers, ted's bakery for the world's best pie, saigon noodles for some delicious vietnamese cuisine, or siam gardenfor your south east asian fix. oh, and don't forget the shrimp shacks all along north shore. golden.

must see:

1) waimea bay: if you come in the winter, expect some serious swells that'll blow your mind...unless of course there is no swell "at the moment." squint your eyes for whales in the distance, and jump off waimea rock for a rush. if you come in the summer, gawk at the crystal blue water, smooth as glass. snorkel your way around the bay and watch for dolphins.

2) haliewa: one word - matsumatos.
3) ko'olau: please get out of your cars and go on an adventure by foot. you just don't get the same experience sitting in your car. the ko'olau mountains continually blow my mind, and paint the skyline as you drive down the highway back and forth between honolulu and north shore. these mountains are majestic. if you've got some dollars in your pocket, go ATVing, horseback riding, or on a boatride at kualoa ranch. if you are like me and lack many dollars, check out the valley of the temples for less than $5 a person and enlighten yourself. go to a movie at ko'olau theatres in the evening. smell the fresh air.
4) north shore: need i say more? that's what it's all about. spend most of your time here if you are like me and crave sunny rays and relaxation.
5) makapu'u: this lovely jaunt leads to a beautiful lighthouse overlooking an INCREDIBLE view of the ocean. DO NOT skip out on this opportunity--the photos you take home are calendar worthy. it is absolutely g o r g e o u s .
more interested in other islands? i've got stories about kauai

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