have you heard of KIVA? 

i'll admit, i've known about kiva for a while but never actually looked much further than the homepage.  today i decided to take action.  i read up on the website and learned more about microloans and what the organization is doing throughout the world and fell in love with it.  kiva supports social entrepreneurs seeking to start businesses in third world countries but who do not have the funds or resources needed.  that is where you come in. 

kiva is a place where you can lend money to these individuals to help support their endeavors.  traveling triplets decided to donate to a darling peruvian lady who wants to open a bakery. a bakery! YUM! she is 45 years old, married, and has 6 children.

  the unique thing about kiva is the people are required to re-pay their loans--just as any other debt would require.  traveling triplets loves the idea of helping people reach their goals while at the same time remaining accountable.  

lend today. change someone's life.

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