per request of a traveling triplets follower, if you are planning a trip to costa rica and need some pointers on where to stay check out traveling triplet's hit list!

nosara: casa rosada [large space...large fun]
we loved this place. it was big, spacious, and very affordable. we stayed here for 6 nights before we took off for samara. juan surfo is the manager, and everybody loves him. you are guaranteed a good time in nosara!

samara: posada matilori cabinas [quaint & cozy]
owned by an adorable and dashing italian couple, we couldn't have felt more at home in this sweet pad. the room is small and comfortable, with TV and a safe for your valuables. the shower/bathroom is shared and absolutely beautiful and conveniently located. the hosts are hard working and sweeter than ever. this is a place we will definitely return to. two thumbs up, for sure.

la fortuna: villas vista arenal [amazing view]
comfortable, and calm and just the right amount of space! these cabinas are more than ideal--also include a safe, and the grounds are immaculately maintained. you have a perfect view of volcan arenal from your window, and feel free to roam and explore the area because you're surrounded by jungle. absolutely gorgeous.

we stayed in other places along the way, but these were among our main stops. leave a comment if you have any questions! thorntree is traveling triplet's #1 stop when looking for hostels/hotels. check it out here. trip advisor is awesome, too.
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  1. Thank you!! We are so excited to start planning our trip! I love reading your blog!

  2. Thanks for the information..I really like your post..Its interesting and informative too..Just wondering to ask any discount if we are coming around 20..

  3. I really appreciate your help..I am visiting there next year and I was wondering about the stay over there..Thanks for the information..

  4. I just have a couple questions. Where did you guys fly into? Was it a long drive to where you were staying? Would you recommend just staying in a place near the beach? My husband are going in August and we just don't know where the best place to stay would be if we don't have a car. Thanks!!!

  5. Its a great resource regarding the stay over there.. I was looking for the places where I can stay for two weeks and this is a wonderful help to me.. Thanks
    Simply Villa Holidays

  6. Hey triplets!

    Were any of these places on the beach? Or do you know of any places where you can stay on the beach?

  7. hope this answers your questions! we posted it here: http://www.travelingtriplets.com/2011/03/we-want-to-go-to-costa-rica-now-what.html

  8. absolutely! check out our post here: http://www.travelingtriplets.com/2011/04/for-kharlamovaa.html


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