If you go to Nicaragua you can't miss out on this!
In Leon there are several different hostels that offer different variations of riding down the side of a volcano. Some surf, some strap into a snowboard, and some sit on a plank of wood making it more like sledding.
 We went with Big Foot Hostel sit down style. Big Foot charged $23 per person and a $5 park fee, plus they gave us awesome free t-shirts to take home. Talk about a great deal! This is Volcan Cerro Negro, the most active cinder cone volcano in the world.
The board is very basic. You just have to make sure you sit up very straight and don't lean to turn, the trick is to use quick taps of your feet to stay straight. I didn't master this technique and took the best fall in the group. Check out my crash here.
The last eruption was in 1999 and now there are two craters with the back side wiped out by lava. The backside is the way we hiked up the volcano, which took about an hour. It was a simple hike and the guide gives you plenty of breaks to drink water and rejuvenate. The 360 degree view from the top is absolutely breathtaking. 
 You get to wear these awesome jump suits and goggles that make you look real smart. Everyone was laughing their heads off and you have plenty of time to take some sweet pictures before you board down.
The volcano boarding experience was hot and epic. The lava rocks are small, not quite like sand but small enough for you to take a good ride! I unfortunately ate lava rocks the whole way down and by the time I got to the bottom I was black from head to toe (good thing they give you goggles). But I'm telling you, I was pretty much the only one that looked like that in the group! Don't psyche yourself out like me about going too fast, the guide times you to make it a fun competition and the winner gets a pat on the back and their name on a board. On the way home Big Foot hooks you up with ice cold beers and cookies and even mojitos back at the hostel. If you don't drink like us then I guess you miss out on that perk, we never saw our sodas as promised. Seriously dudes, we don't know who thought of hiking a volcano and boarding down it, but we like it!
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  1. Awesome post !!!
    You faced a good experience of Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua.Good pictures , T-shirts and jumping Suit.Hope 1 day also visit Volcan Cerro Negro at visit to Nicaragua.

  2. I think I might just have to do this when I'm in Nicaragua, it seems like quite a unique adventure! :)


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