Well it's not a trip to Costa Rica if you don't go surfing! It's easy to find places where you can rent surf boards on any beach. When backpacking some people like to buy a surfboard there and then sell it before they fly back home, but you don't always get the best deal or your moneys worth that way. We stayed in Samara, a small beach town on the Pacific ocean. Samara has so much to offer!
We went to Costa Rica during rain season, so our surfing was done under a blanket of dark clouds and interrupted on occasion with lots and lots of rain! The surf was good, the beach was beautiful, and we still managed to get some sun.
It was my (triplet #3) first time surfing so I was really excited to try. Playa Samara has plenty of places to rent boards from, and we rented our surf boards for $10 for 24 hours. The employees from the rental businesses are very laid back, friendly, and helpful in finding the board perfect for you and will even let you switch it out for a different one during the day if necessary. Private or group surf lessons are also available, but we chose to go on our own surf adventure.
Here's the soft top I learned on and I even managed to get up a few times! Unfortunately not for the camera, haha.
Surfing in Costa Rica was an awesome experience! It's a surreal feeling having a wave push you and riding it in. The waves seem bigger than they really are so don't be scared! Kylie (triplet #1) first surfed in Costa Rica as well and now surfs regularly since she lives in Hawaii and she said these white water waves are perfect for learning on. Traveling Triplets highly recommend you getting your surf on!
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