You can't truly experience a culture without indulging yourself in a delicious traditional dish with natural juice to wash it down. Be warned, you might be hungry by the end of this post.
In Costa Rica I discovered star fruit, a sweet and tart addition to fresh squeezed pineapple juice!
You will be eating a lot of rice and beans in Central America! This is an example of a typical dish. They usually have a side of meat and plantains (can be fried or sweet and ripe).
 I would be a little careful about eating food from the market, it might not be the most sanitary.
 A delicious bag of tajadas for 20 cents off the street, fried plantain with cabbage and hot sauce. You can always count on hard working ladies selling fresh cut fruit on the streets for under fifty cents!
 Cocoa beans primarily grow in the Caribbean and Central American countries. This is a hot chocolate drink the Mayan way, very bitter with some sugar.
 Everyday is a cheap breakfast! My favorite place to get breakfast are the bakeries. Everyday is something different and tasty for under $1. Mmmmmm, you can taste the crushed cocoa beans in this chocolate milk.
 Cotton candy for 50 cents, need I say more?
 Chocobanana crepe. The cook went all the way to the market to pick up bananas just for me in order to make this, sweet and rewarding.
 Dinner for two in Las Penitas, Nicaragua. Meat, plantains, chips and salsa, and cheese--$8.
 My favorite breakfast drink, chocosula! Creamy and malty chocolate milk.
 Gotta love the fresh baleadas in Honduras! Flour tortilla with beans and creamy mantequilla.
 Drinks often come in bags down here. This is a chocobanana shake!
 You can probably tell I really like chocolate and bananas. Chocobanana on a stick will never let you down--25 cents!
 In Panajachel, Guatemala we found an oriental restaurant ran by an adorable lady from Malaysia. Talk about delicious food! $13 for two.
 I'm not much of a sea food girl, but if you like to see the fins, scales, eye balls, teeth and all Central America is the place for you. Sea food delight for $4.
 Tropical soda... only in Honduras.
 The best Thai restaurant in Roatan, Honduras--Tong's Thai. One plate is enough for two costing you around $20 after tax. You get to eat in luxury on a dock floating the Caribbean with a gorgeous view, so worth it.
 I have to include my favorite fruit juice, Enjoy pear nectar! Sweetest drink you'll ever taste.
Tropical fruit drinks on the beach... now you're living in paradise.
Nothing beats the fresh juice in Central America and the simple flavors of food that will make your tongue happy. Don't be afraid to splurge, we were able to eat out for dinner every day on a small budget. You don't want to miss out on the culture of food!
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  1. best post ever! spence and i are sitting here in cusco living on rice and if we're lucky, beans. we miss good cheap food!

  2. Great post! can't wait to get back to Honduras and drink one of those Tropical sodas! :)


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