we are back from central america and it was an epic adventure! when we get back from trips like this a lot of people tend to ask us questions like, "how do you do it?" and "how can you afford to travel?" often times these questions follow with statements such as, "you guys are so lucky." "i've never had an opportunity to do something like that."

well no offense taken, we're here to tell you that's a bunch of poo! with that mindset you may always be looking at the jonses green with envy. we are "normal" young adults/students/employees with bills to pay just like everybody else. but traveling isn't limited to a certain lucky sum of people nor does it have to be something you just dream about. that is why the traveling triplets are here to help you, to show you that traveling on a small budget is possible. if we can do it, you can do it!

i recently read a wise article and it said something along the lines of making a decision doesn't limit options, it just changes the new choices you get to make. many people make decisions that may lead them to thinking they are now unable to do the things they dream of or if they get lucky they'll get to do them when they retire. i do understand that everybody has different circumstances and conditions to where this truly may be the case, and that is totally okay if that's your chosen path of happiness or situation you've come to peace with. but with the choices we make we do not have to think our options are limited. now is the time to re-evalute your thinking people, because you never know what excuse you'll have next to not go on that vacation you've been planning for years.

i (triplet #3) am proud to say my husband and i were able to visit four countries in central america during a months time, and live on the SAME budget we live on at home! vacation does not have to be expensive. yes, you will have to save some money so you will be able to live on your regular monthly budget during your travels as well as pay the bills (unless you're a nomad?). in our case, we only had to save for the plane tickets to make it work! we figured if we would have stayed in one country for the whole month, we easily would have spent half as much if not less. the fortunate thing about central america is you can travel very cheap from country to country and everything else is reasonably priced. traveling triplets have also traveled throughout asia and been able to have unforgettable experiences for only around $700 (aside from plane tickets)!

helpful budgeting hint: if you are able to put aside 10% of your income a month into a savings account that builds interest (even though the interest rates are currently not that great), you will seriously be amazed at the options available to you! Even if you can't start there; putting aside ten dollars a week, fifty dollars a month, or whatever it may be depending on when you plan on traveling will help tremendously. before you know it you'll have yourself some plane tickets with a huge childish grin on your face!
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  1. hi my name is rocio and it will be very usefull your handy dandy spreedsheet for saving money some tips about what kind of saving acc that build ineterst will be best and what kind of budget thank you have a nice day your trips are awesome .


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