Ever wonder how people get things so cheap when they travel?
Well, you do not have to settle with the first price you hear---haggle!
Here are the suggested steps:

1. Find something you really like.
2. If you can, look for it in several different places.
3. Ask one place what the price is, and walk away.
4. Go somewhere else with the same item and offer them your preferred price.
5. If they say no, start to walk away, they will almost always call you back to buy it (unless your price is absolutely ridiculous).
6. If they say no, find it somewhere else, because chances are it is somewhere else.

A few more tips:
-Ask a price, then always try to go less.
-You can haggle with almost anything: hotels, taxis, souvenirs, tours, etc.
-You can't really haggle with fixed prices like buses and food.
-If you arrive somewhere and it feels like thousands of taxi drivers and hotel pushers want to take your limbs in every direction, wait until it dies down and then get to work.

We'll go ahead and walk you through a scenario. Say you are traveling in Belize and you don't have any reservations. You arrive in Caye Caulker and you have nowhere to stay. If there are two of you, have one stay somewhere with the bags. If you are alone, try to have a shop or hotel watch your bag while you "hunt." Without your bags you have a better chance of getting a deal and you are able to walk around longer without getting tired. Then just go from hotel to hotel. Ask if they have any rooms and if you can see one of them. After they show you, ask them how much it costs. Haggle with them. If they accept, stay. If they don't, leave. Chances are they will want you back.

***Remember, there are dozens of hotels and taxi drivers in each town, and they are usually never full. So you can ALWAYS get a better deal!***

Last tip: Ask around to find out what people usually pay for: (hotels, taxis, bus rides, souvenirs, etc.) so you don't get ripped off.

This is how Traveling Triplets score big traveling on a small budget.
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  1. I like the post !!!!!
    The tips suggested in the post for haggle is very effective,efficient and reliable in such a way to save money during traveling.I used these trip and get the benefits of haggle.Haggle make your trip more than expected....
    thanks for this post !!!!!!!!!

  2. wait ... did you say Caye Caulker?? The tiny little island with several bicycles and one pickup as a fire truck? I've totally been there! I was with study abroad, so our hotel rate was already settled (and I think haggled a bit) but I got a great deal on hair braiding and a couple handmade necklaces on the beach!

  3. It sounds like your mostly discussing South America. I'm not sure these same tips would apply in Europe for example. Or have you tried them there too?

    1. Hi Brooke, we have traveled all over the world including Europe. Bargaining is applicable almost anywhere, and you just need to feel out the situation depending on where you are at. During our time in Europe we did notice a lot of prices are fixed, and they're not so flexible. I found that to be the same in certain parts of South America as well. Of course every country is different and the whole "game" of bargaining does work different both culturally and geographically.


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