In Honduras we visited several different cities, but the two we spent the most time in were Copan Ruinas and Roatan. Both beautiful places that we loved!

The Mayan ruins of Copan are definitely a sight to see! We paid $15 each to visit the ruins and spent a few hours exploring, but you can pay extra if you want to go through ancient tunnels and have a tour guide.
You can't go to Honduras without ever visiting the Bay Islands! Talk about legit paradise! But paradise does come with a price. The ferry to Roatan cost us $28 each. This may bump up your daily budget fast, but it's definitely worth every penny. The options in Roatan are endless! We stayed on the West End and it was the perfect place to end our trip.
  #1. Yoga.
I love yoga! Nothing beats doing yoga right by the beach! Well doing yoga on the beach would have, but this was still pretty sweet. The yoga teacher lived here on the island and her class cost $9. She does different types of yoga so it doesn't matter if you're a beginner or expert.
#2. Rent a scooter.
Roatan is a good sized island, about 33 miles long. You can easily spend the whole day exploring the island by scooter and even run errands if you need to. The scooter rental ended up being $28 for 24 hours after tax, and the owners are usually very relaxed and friendly. Just make sure you fill up the gas when you're done!
#3. The Iguana Farm.
For $9 each we were able to see every animal I wanted to see, but weren't able to catch in the wild like monkeys and sea turtles. The iguanas are becoming extinct on the island because locals will kill them, throw them on fires, and eat them so the iguana farm has become a place of refuge. Many of the iguanas choose to stay and never leave--- hence hundreds of iguanas so watch your step! They weren't just for looking either, we got to pet them and feed them.
  #4. Amazing restaurants.
Any food you can think of is on this island and is absolutely top notch! Lonely Planet suggests several delicious restaurants we too would recommend like Rotissere Chicken and Tong's Thai. We could not get enough of the Thai (one dish is big enough for two). Every restaurant on the water has a killer view of the night lights and ocean; it is the epitome of Caribbean lifestyle with bumping beats.
#5. Sweet hostels/hotels.
Our favorite place we stayed during our stay in Roatan was a beach cabin called Georphi's Tropical Getaway surrounded by palm trees. This place was $25 a night and it came with a private bathroom, hot water, mini fridge, mosquito net, and well you can see the rest. We loved it! Right next to our cabin was a cage full of happy parrots and several other cabins that vary in size and amenities. Another cool thing about this place is the wireless internet. We obviously didn't pack our lap tops or phones around, but I'm sure it's a perk for plenty of people.
  #6. Perfect beaches for snorkeling/scuba diving.
White sand beach. Check. Crystal clear blue water. Check. There's nothing between your hotel and the beach except for a sandy road. We went snorkeling at Half Moon Bay and West Bay. West Bay is a short 10 minute scooter/taxi ride away from West End, and about an hour walk. West Bay is a lot more touristy with a fancy pants resort, but the beach is still open to anyone. We rented snorkeling gear for only $5 each; that included flippers, mask, and a snorkel. The gear isn't always the best, but they're cool about you switching during the day if you need to find a better fit. The reef ranges from grass, to purple sea fans, to coral and caves! Absolutely gorgeous... you will feel like you're in an aquarium swimming with the fish. Just be careful, think green and don't stand on the reef!
As you can see, there is plenty to do in Honduras even if you decide to stay in one place.
We really were happy in Honduras
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  1. Awesome post !!!!
    Beautiful pictures, very close to nature and environment.Your post make me to think about the Honduras for my next vacation. you enjoyed your trip so much.I like the Honduras so much. thanks for giving me knowledge about Honduras.

  2. when i was looking at this post my husband was sitting right next to me and was in hog heaven because he served his mission in honduras!.. all these things especially the baleadas made him real jealous! looks like a great trip!


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