if you're looking for the perfect getaway, you need to get to kauai.
[kalalau beach, na pali coast]

kauai remains hawaii's oldest island and the only to not be conquered by king kamehameha. this volcanic island is among the wettest places on earth, receiving such plentiful amounts of rain that numerous waterfalls cover the land and pour from the peaks of gorgeous green mountains. kauai is a lush, green, and vibrant island where "keep the country country" stands firm.
[caves along kalalau beach]

traveling triplets ventured through kauai with nothing but a backpack full of a few pairs of lightweight clothing, lighter, dehydrated food, nalgenes, cooking stove, and fuel. among other things, we kept our packs under 20 pounds in order to withstand the treacherous and looooooooooooong hikes ahead.
[honeymoon suite campsite, kalalau beach]

if you're not much of an outdoorsman and aren't too acquainted with camping, think twice before taking on this adventure. na pali is demanding--with hikes and trails created for experts only. you must be willing to carry all your belongings on your back, and remember to stay hydrated in the heat of the day. kalalau trail is a dream come true, and reaching the end is a victory you can taste as you soak in the immense beauty all around.
[the cathedral, na pali]

make sure to give yourself some R&R between hikes, and spend some time meditating or doing yoga.
[kalalau beach, end of the trail]

traveling triplets HIGHLY RECOMMENDS kayaking the na pali coast! we are inexperienced kayakers who have only been a number of times, and reached the end in just shy of 2 hours. just to hike the entire trail most people break up into 2 days in, 2 days out. the 6 mile hike in to the halfway point at hanakapi'ai beach is a full days hike. we passed this beach within 40 minutes! the great part about kayaking is you get an entirely new perspective from the ocean. the water was calm enough that we weren't frightened, and the waves were small enough that we easily managed. of course the ride was a rocky one, but nothing two people can't handle with ease if done correctly.

when leaving kalalau on your way home, paddle back to polihale beach where you can kayak with the current. this trip is MUCH longer than the first, as the stretch of miles continues and continues. you will cross over the bluest of blue waters, and experience magical moments with sea turtles the size of backboards on a basketball hoop swimming in, under, and around your kayak. you can see straight to the bottom most of the way, and endless caves and blue holes portrude from the cliff sides. don't be afraid to jump out of your kayak to pee. oh, and when you see polihale in the distance just after passing that last canyon, don't worry, YOU STILL HAVE 2 HRS! it's quite deceiving.
[the creek, kalalau trail]

here we set up camp. it is always a good idea to be near water, to save hiking in and out time for when you need to restock, refuel, clean, or rinse off. this water is said to be fresh enough to drink, but traveling triplets made sure to boil all their water beforehand. be sure to talk to the locals there, the natives who live on kalalau, and be aware of where you can and cannot bathe. they prefer you bathe (with soap) at the mouth of the creek to prevent contaminating the drinking water with your soap and bodily fluids.

the great thing about hawaii is many things are free. while yes, snuba is NOT free, snorkeling gives the same experience just at the surface rather than below. the only difference between snuba and snorkeling is the capacity to breathe underwater. if you want to experience the real scuba diving, then you have to invest a lot more money and equipment. all three experiences are well worth it. two thumbs up to snuba!
[senor tortuga, kapa'a]
[kalalau lookout]

you will find when backpacking/traveling through kauai that there are many, many, MANY lookouts! you could say they could get a little mundane--however--the views continue to stun, no matter what the vantage point. kalalau lookout was traveling triplet's favorite, as it overlooked kalalau trail and na pali coast and also provided some fun trails nearby to explore the cliffsides. make sure to stop here, it's well worth it!
[trail to nualolo lookout]

nualolo lookout is a moderately difficult trail. traveling triplets hiked 11 miles in and around this area, and went to bed absolutely spent that night! we recommend you camp at ke'e the previous night, and head out early just as we did. the trail head is conveniently located near the camp. yes, you need to purchase camping permits, however we did not see one single person the entire time. i'm sure you would be just fine--it's up to you.

after summiting the nualolo lookout we discovered the hike only got more difficult from there. there is 1/4 mile of cliff trail that has the consistency of kitty litter. take baby steps and walk with caution. we do not suggest clinging to the wall, as we tried that...the wall crumbled in our hands! HA! for the last 3 miles you are going straight up, which begins to wear on not only your physical condition but also your sanity. HANG IN THERE!
[na pali coast]
[wailua river]

be sure to rent or borrow a kayak and get yourself in the water. whether its kayaking the wailua river (very mellow) to yet another hike to yet another GORGEOUS waterfall, or kayaking the entire na pali coast... be ready for adventure and a good tan!

[haena beach, the starting point of your paddle to kalalau]

with beautiful sunsets by eve, and stifling hot sun that will bake you to a brown (or red) crisp within a days work, haena beach is lovely. this refreshing beach is a popular stop for young hikers and travellers, among many other tourists. pack yourself a pic-nic and make a day of it!
[secret falls]

this secret waterfall is remote and only accessible by permission of owners. it is the location of several films and productions, and when the rain has passed and sun is setting you can see an exquisite rainbow arching through the falls.
[waterfall canyons, jungles of kauai]

i wasn't joking when i said kauai has TONS of waterfalls! soak it up! they never get old. no matter how many or how big they are, waterfalls are outstanding. if you're lucky, you'll see the waterfall from jurassic park. we sure did!

kauai has a special place in our hearts. we vow to go back.
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  2. I am planning a trip to Kauai as well! Loved this post and the awesome pics. When did you go? The weather looks perfect!

  3. I'm planning a solo backpacking trip to Kauai as well! Looks like you guys had fun!!!


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