Something interesting I learned while traveling on Kauai was there is another island of Hawaii that nobody talks about.

The Forbidden Isle.

Also known as, Ni'ihau.

Everybody in Kauai knew about this island, but it was news to me and I, triplet #1 Kylie, live on Oahu. What was more interesting was that it doesn't show up on some maps. Yes, you can see the piece of land but it has no name or label.

Ni'ihau is the smallest of the Hawaiian islands and the only island not conquered by King Kamehameha. Today it remains inhabited by less than 200 people, who all must be native Hawaiian to dwell there. This island cannot be visited--as you would need permission and a personal invitation by the Robinsons (who currently own it) to go.

What's most interesting to me, is that clothes are optional! Ha! Hippy paradise. It's remote and secluded and famous for rare tiny shells that natives find and weave into a lei. These leis sell for thousands of dollars. The electricity the island does have is solar power only. Horses and bicycles are main forms of transportation--there are no power lines or running water. Groceries are delivered by boat from Kauai. They speak a Ni'ihau dialect of Hawaiian and relax on the beaches all day playing the ukulele. Hawaiian lifestyle, wouldn't ya say?

Na Pali coast updates are coming soon... it's a work in progress, my friends. Many adventures were had, and many will be shared. Till next time, adios.
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  1. how interesting! no one knows about that other island.


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