Add THIS to your top 5 things to do before you die.
It's an unbelievable experience that will keep you smiling years after!

Elephant trekking is an absolute 100% MUST DO when traveling in Thailand. If you are ever in Southeast Asia, you cannot leave without experiencing a ride on a huge fuzzy headed mammal.

Anywhere you go in Asia, you will see booths offering various treks in the jungle. Traveling Triplets did an elephant excursion on the island of Ko Chang, which included a bath in a local waterhole afterwards. There is nothing more amazing than playing with an elephant and getting doused with gallons of water! They are so happy and friendly and gentle.

Elephant trekking ranges anywhere from $35-$50 a person, depending on length and activities included. You're lucky if you get to have the little baby tag along, just like on Dumbo, wrapping his trunk around mama's tail! To die for! We fell in love with elephants on Ko Chang (which translates to Elephant island...very fitting).

Get yourself an elephant ride. Kick off your shoes, throw on a safari hat, and bring your camera.
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  1. Here's another opportunity to get close to elephants. http://www.elephantnaturefoundation.org/go/park

    Really loving looking at all your old posts for travel ideas.


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