the great thing about backpacking vietnam is the ridiculously cheapness of it all.
if you travel the triplet way, you won't have to worry about pinching pennies.

next to nothing exceeds $20

the purple palace: $12

pho: less than $1

overnight sleeper bus: $15

two pair of tailored shoes/sandals: $10

vietnam war museum: $7

scooter rental for an ENTIRE 24 hrs: $6

a sketchy, mysterious, absolutely adventurously suitable hostel/per night: $6

assortment of fruits: approx. $0.25 a baggy

adventure for less.
travel southeast asia.
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3 comments on VIETNAM

  1. Looks like bliss. And I like Pho :)

  2. ooo i love re reading this. gosh i wanna go through all the old blog posts that i missed before i joined the blogging wagon. this is so cheap and amazing, gah i wanna go!


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